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Call for CAS Transactions Papers

  Authors of papers recently published or accepted for publication in one of the following IEEE Transactions (co-sponsored by the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society) are invited to present their work at ISCAS-2022;

• IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems – Part I: Regular Paper

• IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems – Part II: Express Briefs

• IEEE Open Journal of Circuits and Systems

• IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology

• IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems

• IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems

 • IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering

• IEEE Transactions on Multimedia

• IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing

• IEEE Design & Test

Eligible papers are those published in calendar year 2021 or those that are in a pre-publication list.  CAS Transactions Papers that were presented at ISCAS 2021 or another conference are not eligible.  Since  these papers have already been peer-reviewed and published, the CAS Transactions Papers that will be  presented at ISCAS-2022 will not be reviewed again. An abstract of the paper and a link to the publication hosted in IEEE Xplore will be included in the conference proceedings for the benefit of the ISCAS-2022 participants.  The papers themselves, which are already accessible through IEEE Xplore,  will not be uploaded again after the conference.   As with other papers that will be presented at the conference, authors of CAS Transactions Papers will be asked to include a .mp4 file of the presentation along with slides used in the presentation that will be included as a slide supplement.

 Approved requests for presentation must have one author/presenter register for the conference according to the ISCAS-2022 registration instructions.

 Submission procedure

 Please submit your request to present a published work at the ISCAS-2022 submission site using the template file therein. Each request must include the following information:

 1. Title of the transactions/journal paper

 2. Complete author list from the transactions/journal paper (with the presenting author underlined)

3. Abstract from the transactions/journal paper

4. Keywords

5. Transactions/Journal  title

6. IEEE Xplore page of transactions/journal paper

7. ISCAS theme alignment(s)